Image of Manna House - Front

Manna House

It stands in its beauty, this old house which has been made into a ‘home’ – Manna House. 

Here people enjoy its beauty when they enter, with its friendly old-fashioned look: the fireplace in the corner invites you in its own way, wishing to tell you about all the fires that did once grace its grate… where it not only warmed someone’s body, it warmed one’s soul as fireplaces do. 

Yes, our Manna House is a home where so many meet for different reasons – youth retreats and support groups, business meetings and ‘Journey’ groups, grief support and healing circles, rummage sales and a peaceful place for a chat with the minister. Last, but not least, over the years it has offered regional New Church ministers a haven for their Peer Retreats, to renew their spirits, and in doing so, they also renew ours. The Peer Ministers often share an evening with the congregation, gathering for worship, a warm meal, and caring friendship. 

Our Lord gives us our hands, feet, eyes, ears, voices, and our mind along with a soul filled to the brim and running over with love for our fellow human beings. This is what our faith teaches us, and God expects us to be useful; thus, one more reason for our home away from home to be used for different reasons as well as different times and seasons. Manna House is a Home of Uses filled with sunshine and God’s love.