Our Programs

Our Programs

All programs are open to those who are seeking to illumine and enrich their spiritual life. We respect differences in views, and we accept and value others who have different traditions. Below are listed our normal programs and activities, however, all in-person activities are not meeting until further notice during the pandemic. We have a great online ministry for adults, which includes weekly Sunday Worship at 10:00 AM Central Time, and a weekly online book club or spiritual growth group.

Please Contact Us for further information.

Youth and Young Adults

Teen League (ages 13-18)

Tween Group (ages 10-12)

Dinner Social Groups Monthly at Local Restaurants

Spiritual Growth Groups

·    Our church hosts periodic adult spiritual growth programs. For example, we offer an annual Fall Journey Program, usually 5 to 7 weeks long, focused on themes. Recent Fall Journey Programs were themed: “Practicing Forgiveness” and “Mindful Communication Challenge”

·    We offered a 5-week long adult discussion group on the theme, “The Journey of Life: A Personal Meaning to the Exodus Story,” with special applications to marriage

·    We had a “Life After Death” discussion group, using insights from Emanuel Swedenborg

Please Contact Us with any questions or requests.