April 21st Sunday’s Faith Brief

April 21, 2024

This Sunday, April 21st at the La Porte New Church at 10:00am, Pastor Kit Billings will offer his message on, “The Spiritual Significance of Winter.” Bible lessons are Genesis 8:22 and Mark 6:30-32. How do you feel about winter? Is it more like feeling the “winter blues” for you? Or, do words like those of John Steinbeck echo within, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

Notice what winter does for our soil, for the trees and for the ecosystem as a whole. We are connected with nature physically, spiritually and emotionally. This was intended from the beginning. Let’s explore why this is in church this Sunday, on God’s day of rest for us all.

You are welcome to enjoy our service in person at 812 Indiana Ave. in La Porte or livestreamed online through Zoom. Fill out the form below to receive our Zoom link. All are welcome in God’s house.

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