We Are Offering In-Person and Zoom Worship

We invite you to join us for inspiring and joyful worship services each Sunday at 10 a.m.  While we deeply desire to continue meeting in person each Sunday, safety and respect take precedence if the Covid-risk increases.

Currently we remain open for Sunday Worship. You can sign up here to receive weekly emails with Sunday service updates

Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Virtual Worship

LaPorte New Church will continue to offer Virtual Sunday Worship at 10am with Rev. Kit Billings.

Request the Virtual Zoom link by using this form here.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is open to all, offered to everyone who is desiring to receive its blessing, regardless of their religious affiliation, or those having no affiliation at all. The New Church is an inclusive, non-judgmental Christian community whose belief is that God’s goodness and peace will prevail in all who draw closer to God and the love, wisdom, and forgiveness that is offered to each of us.

We look forward to seeing you!

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