LaPorte New Church

  • Annual Church Picnic Sunday — All are welcome!

  • Thank you, Kurt, for your Sunday morning reflection

  • Annual Fall Rummage Sale during Sunflower Fest

  • Our church garden blooming in Springtime!

  • Rev. Kit enjoys his time with the children, during Sunday Service

  • Splatz (Super powered lovable almost teenz) Retreat 2017

  • Our awesome Splatz – we love you!

  • We meet a variety of worship needs at La Porte New Church. All are welcome!

  • You are welcome to pray or meditate in our Prayer Garden

  • May the Spirit of Advent touch your soul

  • Pastor Kit discusses Advent with our children

  • The Light from Heaven shines out for all to see!

  • Everyone is welcome in God’s Kingdom of Love and Wisdom

  • We love our youth at La Porte New Church!

  • Fun, creativity and ministry go hand-in-hand!

Welcome to the website of the LaPorte New Church! If you attend our church, or are simply interested in keeping up with us, we invite you to visit our site often. Here we enjoy many ways of serving the neighbor, as part of our devotion to God.  Here we honor one another as inherently worthwhile children of God.  Life is a long journey of learning, questioning, seeking and finding. We welcome you to continue your journey of spiritual learning, growth and discovery as we enjoy loving the Lord and each other with compassion and faith.

~Rev. Kit Billings, Pastor
Cell: 219-380-4682