LaPorte New Church

New Church Journey Program

~~~How can we express true confidence, yet stay humble?~~~~How do we respond from love when our ego gets agitated?~~~

The Journey Group ‘Love Over Ego’ is a 5-week class from Oct. 18-Nov 15. Rev Kit is offering two classes for everyone’s convenience, both on Thursdays, from 1-2:30 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm. Books are $11.50 including shipping. We hope that one of these meeting times works for everyone and that you’ll join us.

Love Over Ego draws upon the Biblical story of Daniel. In each chapter, we witness the clash between the forces of ego and the power of true, humble confidence. Through watching Daniel’s responses to the vain Babylonian rulers, we see a powerful example of strength without pompousness, and love without fear. Organized for group discussion, this workbook contains links to a video for each chapter, as well as icebreakers, meditations, quotes, sample prayers, and suggestions for life application. Daily readings and an appendix full of sermons will guide you through a deeper exploration of this universal topic.

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