Thoughts from Barb

One thing I love about our New Church is our open-mindedness, our understanding that even though we know there is one God over all, not everyone will have the same perception or experience of God. Coming from differing backgrounds and traditions, it’s completely reasonable that each of our paths have led us to our varying personal relationships with, and sense of, God.

Emanuel Swedenborg was amazing with his insights about the Divine, and so too was Gautama Buddha, and Mother Teresa, and Kahlil Gibran, and Rumi, and many others. This is why you will see quotes and sentiments in our worship services and our newsletters from some of these others who are or were not of our New Church.

Perhaps you also feel the universal connection that we all honor the same God. I kind of think that was Swedenborg’s intent.

Blessings, Barb Halle

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