Ineffable Joy In Advent

Image of Rev. Kit Billings
Rev. Kit B. Billings
LaPorte New Church Swedenborgian
Isaiah 12:2-6 | Luke 1:46-56

There are some very beautiful and special things I can share with you this morning, about how spiritual joy plays a powerful role within Advent and within our ongoing spiritual lives and the growth the Lord has in store for us as His children. First, let me say that I am talking about a depth of joy that is so awesome and glorious that in reality, our natural words are not able to fully describe and give justice to what spiritual joy really is.

We can try to describe it and understand it, but in total truth, my friends, at its heart spiritual joy is…ineffable. Our words are not enough to express how vast and deep the joys of the Lord and His advent at Christmastime are. Thus, just like our other themes in Advent, which are HOPE, PEACE, and LOVE, these graces, and gifts given by our Lord are the most powerful forces in existence!

Even the devastation and horrible loss of life by tornados, or by long-lasting warfare, and by other very destructive events, still…like a Phoenix Bird rising up out of the ashes of destruction…the Lord’s Spirit of eternal life, love, and giving will be born among and within us anew. It is true.

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