God’s Word – Revealed and Guiding Truths

Image of Rev. Kit Billings
Rev. Kit B. Billings
LaPorte New Church Swedenborgian
Deuteronomy 4:5-14 | Matthew 13:10-23

First let me share with you what for me is the simplest definition of what God’s Word is (which is found in New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine n. 251): “The Word is what God has revealed.”  And so, what we are blessed to have within the Bible is what the Lord is speaking to us.  It is His Holy Word, or rather, what He chose to teach us; it contains all we need to know to be able to freely choose how to live to allow the Lord to fill us to overflowing with happiness and peace.

Imagine for a moment as a brief thought experiment, that you knew absolutely nothing about the teachings and stories found within the pages of God’s Word.  Let’s say that all you knew about it was that it was a written document containing what God wanted you to know for a great quality of life.  What subjects and themes would you discover within it?

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