Are We Building Towers of Babel Today?

Image of Rev. Kit Billings
Rev. Kit B. Billings
LaPorte New Church Swedenborgian
Genesis 11:1-9 | John 15:1-11

Our journey through Lent continues, and as such we are called to spiritually walk alongside our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ out into the desert regions, where He gave us the blueprint for Lent.

In these weeks we are in as we make our way slowly toward Holy Week (which begins on April 10th next month on Palm Sunday), our Christian faith calls us into a more intentional experience of repentance and reformation.  Lent and Holy Week are not for the faint of heart—they are meant for genuine Christian people, ones with courage and deep sincerity.

Lent is really about what our theology calls the humbly repentant souls, which focus in on self-examination (in the light of God’s Word), reflection and purposeful changing inside.

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