All LaPorte New Church Services are Online

Beginning March 14, 2020 the LaPorte New Church has cancelled all face-to-face worship services and programs until further notice, in order to cooperate with our statewide order to honor social-distancing during this global pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Please join us in praying every day for those who are sick or who have lost loved ones during this crisis. May we all pray for our local, state, national and world leaders on Earth to make wise decisions for all.

I offer this prayer today: “O gracious and holy God, who is known on Earth by many names…You who come to us personally in Jesus Christ…we thank You for being our God in times of joy and in times of pain and suffering. In these difficult and uncertain times, please shield us from fear and anxiety and wrap us in Your eternal goodness and grace. Fill our hearts and minds with Your Love and Light, that we may reside in peace and in trust toward You and in good will toward our neighbors on planet Earth. And when moments of worry, fear and concern grip us, let us feel comfort in Your arms of strength. Thank You for shedding Your Light from Your Word into our minds as we seek You each day, and from Your Spirit may we help you to lift up those feeling lost or downtrodden. Thank You for leading us forward in a spirit of lovingkindness toward all people, as we move in teamwork and healing for all. Please bless and strengthen all of our first-responders and medical healers around the world, who always have been and still are our heroes. Thank You, God, that every day we can live and trust in You as our Good Shepherd, who leads us in paths of good living for Your names’s sake, “for in Him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28). May Your Spirit give us hope for today and tomorrow, for You are our Master and our Friend. We are blessed to be Your children and your servants, until You call us home when our work on Earth is done.” Amen.

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