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Lent and Holy Week

Often, our first sense of God is a glimpse of something beautiful and peaceful calling to us. To respond to the call feels joyous and liberating. At the beginning, there is excitement about beginning a new journey. There are so many hopes and dreams that lie ahead. Following God’s will is easy on Palm Sunday; riding a donkey into a cheering crowd! It’s like romantic love early in a relationship. It’s easy to make a commitment in the midst of romance. It’s harder to maintain the commitment through the years ahead filled with conflicts and compromises. Yet, it is in working through the conflicts that a much deeper mature love can blossom many years later.

Holy Week is a long journey through many stages. Swedenborg’s process of regeneration is a long road, with much struggle, before one reaches a sense of union with God. In many ways, Holy Week is a condensed version of that journey. When you make the decision that you want to walk a spiritual path, then you are also deciding to walk through all of the bumps and pot holes in the road.

What barriers stand between you and God? Where do you need to empty yourself so that God’s inflow can fill you?

During Lent and Holy Week, think of yourself as letting go of all inner barriers, maneuvering around those bumps and pot holes, so that on Easter Sunday you can be completely open to receiving God’s joyful gift of love.                                                                                                — from

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