LaPorte New Church


  • Adult Sunday School

    These meetings have been engaging, fun, insightful, and a delight to participate in. It’ll never be too late for anyone to join, and you need not attend every Sunday to become immersed in the book although you’ll likely find that you won’t want to miss once you’ve begun. Facilitated by Rev Kit, we meet from 9:00-9:45 before worship using the Bible […]

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  • Thoughts from Barb

    One thing I love about our New Church is our open-mindedness, our understanding that even though we know there is one God over all, not everyone will have the same perception or experience of God. Coming from differing backgrounds and traditions, it’s completely reasonable that each of our paths have led us to our varying personal relationships with, […]

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  • 1st Sundays of the month

    First Sundays of each month at LaPorte New Church we offer the community contemporary services which, as with all of its services, explore topics that impact our lives right here, right now. Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m. at the church, 812 Indiana Avenue, across Maple Avenue from the Public Library. Guests are warmly welcomed. Similar to […]

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  • Grief Support at La Porte New Church

    Rev. Kit Billings offers his compassionate and supportive presence by ‘Healing through Grief’, a time for anyone who is experiencing the deep pain of losing a loved one, whether recent or past. Whatever your religious background or current beliefs, you are welcome. You will be heard, honored and supported. Deep sadness from grief is universal […]

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