LaPorte New Church

Our Reverend

Rev Kit picReverend Kit Billings

Hello, and welcome to our church. The La Porte New Church has a wonderful history here in northwest Indiana. We were one of the first churches built in town, and my wife and daughter and I are blessed to be here. We love the families in our church home, and we love the beliefs, values and way of living our church honors and celebrates.

I much appreciate the spirit we share in weekly worship, in song, prayer and by reflecting together in worship and in our small groups, as we explore and make use of God’s Word coming alive within us as we serve. Ours is an open-minded, warm and inviting faith and way of life–using the literal and inner meaning of Scripture–and I invite you to come and experience our loving church family for yourself.

Every time we choose to put love and wisdom into useful living, in our relationship, at work, or in our community, more of God’s goodness comes to life within our hearts, minds and lives!

Let us enjoy using the Lord’s Love and Truth in our lives. As Christ said, we are called to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and, to love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mtt. 22:37-39)  He is empowering and blessing us to do this every day, and as we put love into action through faith in the One who sustains us, the Lord fills us with peace…and all of this allows the Lord to slowly transform and regenerate us. This is God’s Kingdom of Heaven coming alive within us as we serve the Lord and one another through compassionate living.

I am thankful to serve our Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace with you.

With infinite blessings,
Rev. Kit


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